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Mount Fuji – The Sacred Mountain of Japan

Mount Fuji is located in central Japan, to the west of Tokyo. From there you can see the sun rising over this symbol of the country.

With its 3,776 meters of height is the highest peak of all Japan and the World Heritage Site since 2014. This mountain is volcanic active, but with little risk of eruption. The last eruption dates back to 1707.

Empire State Building – The Icon Of New York City

If there is a unique building that represents New York City, that is definitely the Empire State Building. Its history is full of curiosities, eccentricities and marvelous feats. Moreover, countless films have been filmed there.

Dead Sea – 7 Things to Remember, Before Going for a Swim

The Dead Sea is one of those places that are beyond our imagination. Many people are already intoxicated by various images, before reaching its shores. It knocks you out without a remedy. Perhaps, for that curious combination of spa hotels and surreal landscape that make us think about Salvador Dalí.

Canadian Rockies – Feel The Natural Beauty

The Canadian Rockies are about 800 km east of Vancouver through Jasper. So, obviously, this should not be a day trip.
It is difficult to imagine the immensity and also to describe it. That immensity is perfect. The Canadian Rockies are the best example of the unimaginable gigantic blue, gray, black and white barrier, marked with sharp peaks, raised like an enormous wall without interruption at 2,500 meters above the Gentle ripples of the prairie.

Visit The Island of Happiness – Bali Indonesia

Bali Indonesia

Bali is one of those destinations that every traveler dreams of visiting. A mix of traditions, ancient culture, mysticism and incredible natural beauty.
Bali is an island that is surely worth visiting and enjoying every corner of it. Meeting local people would be an exciting experience. They will always smile at you with a special ‘island smile’.

What To See During The Day and Night in Atlantic City

Atlantic City is located on the Island of Absecon, in Atlantic County, which is, in turn, in the State of New Jersey on the east coast of the United States of America.
Atlantic City is something like the Las Vegas of the East Coast, but with beaches.
After its reconstruction from the Hurricane Sandy, the city wants us to look at its spectacular landscapes.

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